Habits of Successful People

1. Wake up early — early birds get the worm, this is true in our life also. our most productive hours are the first half of the day. By waking up early you get an extra one or two most productive hours at the start of your day.

2. Fitness — I walk for 40 minutes every evening daily. You have to be fit to succeed. Apart from walking in the evening, going to add one more general stretching exercises for 20 mins max daily.

3. Meditation — I am doing 30 mins meditation every morning. Planning to split this one sitting meditation into two sessions one in the morning and one in the evening. Trust me, meditation calms you down, gives power to your mind to think clearly. What more you need?

4. To-Do List — This is my weakness, on which I am improving. Plan every day, and make sure you have a to-do list for that week and adhere to that plan. When I did follow this religiously, I did a lot than I ever achieved previously. I am making sure that I form this as a habit.

5. Networking — A weak area for me. I am improving a lot on the same. Need to attend more events digitally and in person, post covid world.

6. Reading Books — Once upon a time, I read a lot. But I drifted away from my reading habit. Successful people read a lot and read purposefully. Need to get back to my reading habit. With the Kindle app available on all devices, my smartphone can become a library on the wheels when I travel or at home. Need to read at least 50 pages per day, and the topics I am keen on are Biographies, History, Self-help, fiction, and professional literature, in my case it is tech.

7. Minimalism — Try to keep things to the bare minimum that can help you do your job, live your life successfully. I am doing well in this area.

8. Savings — Be conscious of expenditures. Validate all expenses and try to minimize the money outgo while maximizing the benefits you get. I have already implemented this in a few areas of my life. I will keep improving.

If these eight habits, followed religiously, will push us into a growth path, that will lead to riches.

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